Monday, November 2, 2009

Win some great Goan Shutterbugs goodies!!!

Hi There,

Check out the photos clicked during the “Capturing the UNSEEN at Ancestral Goa” – Photo Walk and Contest held on 25th Oct and 1st Nov 2009 at Loutolim. 42 shutterbugs participated during the event and an exhibition of the photos will be held at the Big Foot Gallery on 8th Nov.

Here’s your chance to win some great Goan Shutterbugs goodies, vote for your 3 best photos captured during the event and email us your choice to :

Photos can be viewed on Flickr :
and also on the Goan Shutterbugs albums on Facebook and Orkut.

Happy Viewing!!!!!

The Bug

1 comment:

  1. Rupesh Mahale 1

    A splendid shot through a window of chance

    Prashant Maurya 1

    The model and the cockerels. A lovely composition of the real and surreal.

    Stalin Mendes 1

    Good composition with vibrant colours